Web Show Creator

Webshows + Included audio for Podcasts

Film your webshow or podcast professionally in-studio with 3 cameras, clean audio and custom-set options.

Webshow Examples

3 angles & live editing

Our high definition cameras gives that professional television look by switching between three cameras instantly, this greatly helps maintain your audience’s attention. Located on set is the live edit preview station that makes it easy to see how the videos look in real-time, so adjustments can be made instantly and video cuts can be approved on the spot. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Clean Audio

Poor audio is the number one technical reason people leave while viewing videos. Our sound-dampened studio, professional audio equipment and post sound engineering keeps you sounding great, so your audience can stay engaged with you and your message.

Colour Options

Your videos are shot on our infinity wall also know as a cyclorama, a giant curved surface with seamless edges. This allows whatever you’re shooting to take center stage. It has the ability to make the background virtually disappear, allowing you to choose from a multitude of background lighting colours or white for a clutter-free feel. This studio wall is used for television commercials, film and broadcast media. Bring your videos to the finest professional level.

Film as many episodes as you can in your session, contact for more details today


Marketing, PR, social management & video production teams partner with us to gain access to our production facility, talent & equipment to expand service offerings for their clients.

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